Cytomol Labs has been started by a group of scientists and researchers to
provide quality based services at affordable prices. Our team consists of well
trained and highly motivated researchers committed to ensuring the highest
level of quality and accuracy in their area of expertise.


Our vision is to reach people of low socio-economic groups and offer simple
but advanced blood investigations at a very affordable price.


We aim to make significant contributions in the early detection of disorders and also to come up with new molecular markers in order to develop personalized medicine that will help clinicians for better treatment and management of one’s quality of life awareness regarding genetics
(Syndromes, Primary amenorrhea) and other complex disorders (Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Cancer etc.)

Our Values

  • Quality
    We are aware that patient life’s and faith rely on us. We already had gained confidence with each test ,interaction, and result.
  • Advancement
    We are entrepreneurial and have braveness in our trust that we can
    trade matters for the better.
  • Research
    Our center of attention is to locate options instead of area blame. We
    work tough and do not take shortcuts on best service.