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A blood test means our blood is tested in labs for detection of any disease or disorder and is used to measure the number of certain substances in the blood or to count different types of blood cells. It can be done to scan for symptoms or signs of disease. To analyse antibodies or tumour signs, blood testing may also be performed.

Some of the most common blood tests are:

Blood checks aim to confirm the diseases and medical conditions of the patient. This test also shows how your body parts are functioning. On the basis of which it becomes very easy to treat any disease.

To assess how well the organs like liver, kidneys and heart are working

For the treatment of diseases and conditions like cancer, HIV / AIDS, diabetes, anemia and heart-related problems.

A blood test is very common. Whenever you have your health checked regularly, your doctor may recommend a blood test to see how your body is functioning. As part of a certain surgical procedure to verify your health condition, physicians prescribe a blood test.

For this procedure, a very small volume of blood sample is collected so that you will not suffer any health complications.

Nevertheless, before and after the test, certain persons feel dizzy. If this has happened to you before, tell the doctor about it, so that they can get an idea of your health status.

If there is any kind of wound, swelling or infection in the injected area, then tell your doctor as soon as possible.

During the test, relatively few persons feel faint. Tell the doctor or nurse to do the examination promptly if you encounter such a condition. Because to stop unconsciousness one should lie down immediately.

Diabetes, cardiac disease, elevated blood pressure, cancer, obesity and more.


Doctors or nurses who take your blood sample for this test will tell you what kind of instructions you should follow. You have to follow the directions carefully given by them.

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