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August 16, 2021by Sai Harshini0
Why Exercises are Important?

Today’s professionals and entrepreneurs lead extremely hectic lives. Work schedules can force you to sit at your desk for long periods of time. Prolonged sitting, on the other hand, can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. What if you could build a fitness routine that didn’t require you to leave your desk? You’ve come to the right place if you’re thinking, “What exercises can I do while sitting at my office desk?”

Let’s talk about some useful workouts for office workers that will help you stay in shape. No fancy gym equipment is needed for these office exercises. These will help you work up to a higher level of patience. These quick workouts in the workplace are great stress relievers that will also help you be more productive at work.

Exercises At Your Desk

A look at some small, but efficient, office-related exercises that you can do while standing:

At-the-Desk Push-ups

Standing on the desk, rest your hands on the desk and hold your legs on the floor. To support your weight, the desk must be robust. Push your body towards the desk and gently pull yourself back to your original position. Ensure that the hands on the desk are slightly wider than your shoulder width. Tighten your abs as well. In a loop, do 20 push-ups and then relax

Use the wall as a support for push-ups

This is a more advanced version of the desk push-ups. In your workplace, stand a good distance away from a wall. Place your hands on the wall at a comfortable distance, a little wider than your shoulder width. Push your chest against the wall while tightening your abs. Then, using the support of your hands on the wall, draw your body around. Rep the push-ups for a total of 20 push-ups.

Without a Rope, Skipping Action

Office workers can find skipping to be a fun activity. When you’re at your desk, though, jumping with a rope can not be practical. So, stand near your desk and hop with both legs to a low height. For extra variety, alternative legs. Swing your hands around like you’re spinning a chain. This is a fantastic workout for getting rid of exhaustion.

Heel Raises Using Your Chair as a Support

This office chair exercise is the most effective way to relieve tension caused by prolonged sitting. Keep your hands on your chair as you stand behind it. Then, toes first, lift your heels to their highest point. Replace the whole foot on the floor now. Hold your knees straight and strong during this exercise for the best results. Sitting in your chair, stretch your body.

Sitting Leg Raises (Gentle)

This one works well and keeps the lower body muscles in good shape. Sit up straight and tall. Slowly raise one of your legs parallel to the floor. Keep the leg there for about ten seconds before returning it to the floor. Carry on in the same manner with the other leg. This exercise increases lower-body circulation. You may be able to do this right in the middle of a meeting.

Crunches While Sitting on your Chair

Hold your feet on the floor and your hands behind your back while you prepare for the crunch. Lift one knee and bend your whole body to bring the opposite elbow near the raised knee to execute a crunch. Return to a sitting position that is upright and level. To complete a cycle, repeat the process with the other knee and opposite elbow.

Knee pushing

One leg should be crossed over the other. Place the crossed leg’s ankle on the opposite knee. Lay forward with one hand on the knee of the crossed leg to experience a significant stretch in the lower back. Carry on with the exercise with the other leg.

The following are some of the advantages of doing these exercises at your desk:

  • It improves joint function while also flexibility.
  • Relief of neck and shoulder tension.
  • It aids in achieving a great deal of mental tranquility.

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